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About Hernia

Hernia is a very common problem that is quite prevalent in children and elderlies. It is marked by the formation of a localised bulge in the abdominal or the groin area. Hernia is usually caused by weakness or perforations in the peritoneum whichleads to the creation of a gap in the muscles and fascia of the abdominal wall through which the intestines, stomach and bladder may protrude out.

Initially, the patients may experience slight swelling and bulge which usually disappears as they lay down. Gradually this bulge becomes more and more prominent.

Various types

Hernias can be broadly classified into two categories- Internal hernia and External hernia

Internal Hernia

These are very rare and usually hard to detect. These occur when an organ in the abdominal cavity protrudes through the wall of another organ thereby causing immense pain and discomfort. These include diaphragmatic hernia and paraduodenal hernia.

hernia surgery treatment in delhi noida

hernia specialist in delhi noida External Hernias

There are quite common and easily visible externally. The different types of external hernia are mentioned below:

Inguinal hernias-the problem requires proper medical intervention or else can lead to fatal consequences. These account for nearly 75 per cent of cases of people detected with hernia.

Femoral hernias-these also develop in the groin area and are more likely to affect females as compared to males

Incisional hernias-these usually develop as the side effect of previous abdominal surgery.

Umbilical hernia-these originate from the umbilicus or the surrounding areas. It is marked by increased risks of obstruction as the defect is very small.

Epigastric hernia-also known as fatty hernia, these are likely to develop in the mid-upper region of the abdomen. These can be extremely painful in certain cases

Divarication of Recti-often confused with hernia due to its symptoms. It is a separation in the recti muscles post-delivery which often results in the formation of a small bulge that is mistaken for hernia.

Some common symptoms

hernia doctor in delhi noida Some of the various symptoms associated with hernia include the following:

  • Localised swelling or bulge in the abdomen which becomes even more evident while standing or coughing.
  • Pinching pain and a dull ache in the bulge
  • Persistent pulling sensation in the abdomen
  • Change in bowel habits often leading to constipation
  • Back Pain

Proper prognosis

Proper diagnosis and treatment of hernia are important as this can lead to an obstruction in the intestines thereby cutting down the blood supply. Hernia cannot be cured by the used of oral medication and needs to be treated surgically. Apart from the traditional and conservative surgical methods, doctors also resort to laparoscopic surgical techniques which negate most of the complications associated with the former.

Common surgeries recommended for inguinal hernia include:

1. Laparoscopic TAPP
2. Laparoscopic TEP
3. Enhanced TEP
4. Open Lichenstein mesh repair
5. Tissue repair
6. Emergency surgeries

And those performed for ventral hernia include:

1. Laparoscopic IPOM Plus
2. Laparoscopic TAPP Plus
3. Component Repair Anterior/ Posterior
6. Scola

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